Stetson Emporium

Please contact Emilie Bubin Green at with your order or any questions.

After receiving information about the shipping/handling costs for your order, you may either pay by check or through PayPal. If opting to pay electronically, you will scroll to the BOTTOM of this page to place your order. Once a check has been received or an electronic payment is confirmed, your order will be shipped.

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Making online payment for Emporium purchases:

To place your order, use the applicable form above and mail or e-mail to Stetson Storekeeper Emilie B. Green at 337 First Parish Road, Scituate, MA 02066 or at We will confirm your order and provide the total cost (including shipping and handling) so you can make online payment here prior to shipping.

You must OBTAIN THE TOTAL AMOUNT REQUIRED BEFORE making payment through PayPal.

And you must select Emporium Merchandise from the PayPal “Donations” menu as shown in this example:

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