Making Contributions to the Kindred’s Special Funds

Gifts may be designated on PayPal to any of the Special Funds indicated here (one fund at a time). Gifts without designation or designated as “Other” will be applied by the Board of Directors to the most needed areas. The PayPal field labeled “Use this donation for” provides a menu from which you may select one of the following:

  • Scholarship Fund: The Kindred has long provided a local scholarship for graduating high school seniors as well as scholarships supporting clollege students across the nation.
  • Modbury Fund: Cornet Robert Stetson (b. ca. 1615) was born in Modbury, South Devon, England. He was baptized in Saint George’s Church and married Honour Tucker there prior to their emigration to what is now Norwell, Massachusetts. A donation is sent annually to the church in their memory.
  • Building and Grounds Fund: The Kindred is committed to the preservation and maintenance of the Stetson Homestead property, our treasured homesite and a valued tract of conservation land serving the greater Norwell community.
  • Publications Fund: The work to produce the genealogical books and update the records and memorabilia of our membership, past and present, is done by volunteers. This fund covers any related out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Heritage Preservation Fund: An effort is underway to preserve the records of the Kindred in digital form to maintain them for future generations of KIndred members.
  • Other: Contributions not specified for one of the above funds may be made to this fund and the Board of Directors will direct them to the most needed areas.
Make a Donation using PayPal including by debit or credit card

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