Stetson Kindred Membership


Membership in the Stetson Kindred is a wonderful way to foster interest in your genealogical heritage for current and future generations of your family.  Members continue the work of preserving The Homestead, granting educational scholarships and supporting St. George’s Church in Modbury, England, as well as gathering each year for a weekend of cousinly activities to share their common heritage.


In addition to volunteer opportunities, members receive three newsletters a year, keeping them in touch with Board and Committee activities and sharing articles of special interest.  They are also entitled to use the Stetson Family Crest and purchase items in the Stetson Kindred Market. Members also receive “The Call”, an invitation to our Annual Meeting of the Membership and Lobster/Clam Bake which takes place the third weekend in August.


The following membership categories are available:

Senior (confirmed lineal descendant, age 18 & over)

Family (confirmed lineal descendant & spouse)

Junior (confirmed lineal descendant, under age 18)

Life (confirmed lineal descendant, any age)

Associate (lineage not yet proven OR non-lineal descendant but has an interest in the Kindred)


Membership in the Stetson Kindred is a two-step process. Applicants must first fill out a Pre-Application Form which outlines their descent from Cornet Robert.  Submission of the Pre-Application gives the Registrar enough information to determine in what generation the applicant will need to start supplying vital records.  Our genealogy files contain vital records for many descendant lines that have already been approved, and this process helps eliminate considerable work for the applicant.  The Pre-Application must be accompanied by the $15 application fee in order to be processed.

The Pre-application form can be downloaded here.  Prospective members may also request one be mailed to them by contacting the Membership Secretary at

Following initial approval of the Pre-Application, applicants will be sent a Full Membership Application Form. The applicant will continue to be carried as an Associate Member until membership is approved by the Registrar. The full Membership Application Form can be mailed (by the Membership Secretary) or e-mailed (by the Registrar) to the Applicant, and is not available on our website. Applicants are generally given 10 months to complete the full Membership application.

General questions about Membership and Renewals should be directed to Linda Brooks, Membership Secretary at  

Download the preliminary application here:  SKOA PreApp Form


For further information regarding membership and the application process please contact: Linda Brooks, Membership Secretary – 

6 thoughts on “Membership”

  1. This is very cool. I’m just starting my Family Tree and Cornet Robert is at the top!
    I’m looking forward to becoming a member and learning more.

  2. Dear Kegg…we always look forward to Stetson descendants who are excited to learn more about their family lineage. We can often help find genealogy source information when our assistance is needed.
    We hope to hear from you in the near future. Enjoy the journey! Linda Brooks, Membership Sec’y.

  3. My husband, Laurence Lee Bennett, born September 16, 1943 to Margaret Jane Stetson Bennett is the 12th generation to Cornet Robert Stetson. Lee died April 1, 2014 age 70. Our children, Matthew Lee Bennett and Cathleen Arloa Bennett Rashid are the 13th generation. I want to make sure they know their genealogy. I’m Vicki Bennett Lee’s spouse.

    1. Hi Vicki….appreciate your interest in the Stetson Kindred. If I can answer any questions or give you more information on membership, please let me know. Linda Brooks, Membership Secretary

  4. My Great Grandmother was Ruth Mill Stetson, I just stumbled upon The Stetson Kindred of America!

    1. Stephanie…always fun to find new information and links to family you didn’t know you had. Could be fun to trace her back to the 1600’s….and see what else you might uncover…..

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